Youth Minister – You’re Awesome!

As a youth minister I see many articles written about ways in which we can improve.  Today, in fact, I read an article that listed 9 mistakes youth ministers make.  Yes, we make mistakes.  I will be the first to admit it.  But it got me thinking that I would love to see an article that encouraged us instead of making us feel like we need to work harder.  So, I  decided to write one.

My fellow youth ministers:  You are awesome!  Here are three ways I know it’s true:

1:  You love God.
I have never met a youth minister that does not love God.  Those who have helped me in my faith journey most are fellow youth ministers.  Some people don’t understand that working in a church is hard on your faith.  You spend so much time helping others develop their faith, that sometimes yours begins to wane.  When this happens, you know it.  You know you are are descending into the valleys of your spiritual journey.  You also know that God will see you through it.  Just because you have entered a valley doesn’t mean you’ve lost sight of God, because you know he is going to lead you up that next hill.

So, my fellow youth minister, thank you for being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

2: You work hard.
As a youth minister, I know how hard you work. Planning Bible studies, training leaders, preparing mission trips, communicating with parents, and spending time with students.  That is just the tip of the iceberg!  I know how your work day does not end when you leave the office.  In fact, some days you never even make it into the office.  You are working the hardest on those days.  There are a lot of balls that need to be juggled in youth ministry, and you do your best to keep them all up in the air.  Sure, you drop one or two every now and then, but that is minuscule compared to the ones you keep afloat.

So, my fellow youth minister, thank you for all the hard work you do.  It is changing lives.

3:  You point people to Jesus.
This is why we went into youth ministry.  We love Jesus and we want others to love Jesus too.  You are doing an amazing job with it.  By spending time with that student who sits in the corner, you are pointing him to Jesus.  By planning upcoming events with your youth leaders, you are pointing them to Jesus.  By talking to that older church member in the hall, you are pointing people to Jesus.  By sending out a Facebook message reminding students of the upcoming mission trip, you are pointing people to Jesus.  By staying up all night at the lock-in, you are pointing people to Jesus.  

So, my fellow youth ministers, keep on pointing!

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One comment on “Youth Minister – You’re Awesome!

  1. Zack says:

    Thanks, Dave! Blessed by this. I hope as you wrote, that this was encouragement for you too. Miss you bro!

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